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How much does your DJ cost?

I recently went to a Guitar Center and saw a sign that said $500 to rent mediocre DJ equipment. Now add the cost of loading it into a rented van, loading it into a venue, setting it up so it looks presentable, knowing how to use the equipment, tearing it down, loading it back into a van, bringing it to the warehouse, and unloading. Does this rental really cost $500?
That doesn’t include the cost of the insurance, the 20-40 hours your DJ spends meeting with you, planning your event, the cost of a laptop, the time and cost keeping up-to-date with music, networking, traveling, attending trade shows to keep up with the newer trends, and the cost of workshops and professional association dues. There’s even more than what I’ve just listed that goes into the time and finances for a DJ. Hire a professional and save yourself the headache!

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